Your 3 top favorite guns

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Re: Your 3 top favorite guns

Postby Irongole » Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:59 pm

3. M16A4 Assult rifle
I like the weapons fire rate
2. Heckler and Koch MP5
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Re: Your 3 top favorite guns

Postby MrClumsy » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:21 pm

3: M11 Image

"A box that bullets come out from" -CS GO Mac-10 description

Cheap, fast fire rate, and delicious at the moment, but terrible on the long run. We could compare it to a box of chicken nuggets!

2: Mossberg 500 Image

The ol' reliable, and the first pump shotgun to be featured in Madness Combat. Personally LOVE pistol grip shotguns (Despite pistol grips being not so good IRL), and bonus if it has a vertical foregrip, it just screams "Breach and clear".

1: OA-93 Image

"This gun is an identity crisis that shoots bullets." -Madness: Project Nexus description.

Well, I just love how light, stockless and CQB oriented this "Identity crisis" is. A grozzly oversized pistol that fires rifle cartridges with an SMG-looking design and as loud as a shotgun. PERFECT!

EDIT: Fixed images, and along the way just realised two out of the three are also loved by the original poster (OA-93 master race), ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)--b
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Re: Your 3 top favorite guns

Postby GuardsRifleDivision » Sun May 14, 2017 7:55 pm

1. Not the AK-74M.

2. Not the FN FNC.

3. And NOT the MP-5.
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Re: Your 3 top favorite guns

Postby clee3rd » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:20 pm

I hope this isnt considered necroposting, but:

1. The Metal Storm MAUL shotgun - its as small as a sawed-off shotgun. it can be mounted underslung on guns with bottom rails or used as a standalone weapon. has 5 shots in its "stacked" 12 gauge ammunition tube, can used other loads like Fragmentation, Bean bags, Slugs, flachette, smoke, and the good 'ol buckshot. its semi automatic that can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger (electronically fired, no firing pins or hammers). reliable (no moving parts). I even made an animation Test with this gun 5 months ago (its an old test). its just sad that the gun got discontinued irl (correct me if im wrong).

2. Magpul PDR-D - its smaller than most Submachine guns but as accurate as most carbines (with its bulpup configuration), uses the NATO standard 5.56x45mm Rifle rounds and is capable of accepting STANAG magazines and Magpuls Pmags, its has an acceptable barrel length of 12 inches giving it carbine accuracy. has an underslung rail (unlike the PDR-C variant) which makes it able to accept more accessories (even the MAUL shotgun that I talked about). too bad this gun got discontinued, however Magpul PTS plans on making AEG versions of this gun to be used in Airsoft.

(this isnt the Model 98, however this is the M12 which is a modernized variant used in hunting)

3. The Mauser Model 1898 - its on old classic, its the most copied gun in the world (aside from the AK), its used by alot of countries and at that time its revolutionary, one of the first guns to use a stripper clip in which the clip itself gets automatically ejected when you push the bolt back it (there has been stripper clip loaded guns before, but you still have to remove the clip in order to chamber the new round). its bolt action is really smooth and is the fastest at that time (only beaten by the MK3 Lee Enfield during 1907), its has fewer parts than than other guns at that time (like the Lebel Model 1886 or the Italian Carcano) giving it reliability and less prone to malfucntions, and even to this day, Mauser still produce this gun (and also other modern variants like the Model 2012) for hunting purposes.

[im pretty sure these guns wont be included in PN2, but whatever, I did Drew sprites of them (the ones pictured are drawn by me in flash), to be used in traditional Flash madness]
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Re: Your 3 top favorite guns

Postby GameZone » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:11 pm

oh wow those are cool sprites
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Re: Your 3 top favorite guns

Postby DerpyAbomination » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:40 am

S & W 500 .500 Magnum
PN1 Description: The absolute final word in one handed caliber pissing matches.

Five-seven 5.7x28mm
PN1 Description: Power and capacity combined.
If it isnt dead in 20 rounds, you probably shouldn't be shooting at it.

Steyr TMP 9x19mm
PN1 Description: A firearm made popular from its insane rate of fire, with this you can invite everyone in the room to a bullet party nearly instantly!

I absolutely love PN1.
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