Madness: Project Nexus 2
Alpha v1.05 to v1.05c! Big Update Time!

Oh I know, you thought we’d fled to Mexico or something after two months without an update. Believe me, if you thought it sucked to wait, try being Krinkels and I as we worked tirelessly this entire time trying to revamp several significant sections of the engine. But we have not been stagnant. We present to you a load of new updates and features for you guys to help us test.


This update is likely to be riddled with all sorts of new and interesting bugs. Characters may lose items. Some characters may even be rendered unplayable. All objectives have been removed from every Stage except Abandoned Outpost, so money will come in more slowly until we can replace them with new Missions.

v1.05 – Updated Tuesday, 11/22/2016

-“Green Blood” bug on critical hits was caused by gibs/gore being initialized twice.

-Level 3 Core Skills would sometimes show the Level 1 Core Skill of that tree as their prerequisite, instead of Level 2.

-Bullet and thrown weapon speed was glitchy, and changed depending on framerate.

-Guys could get stuck in Murder Room 3 pipe fence in the background.

-Lag spike on Murder Room 3 pitfall should be resolved. It’s not 100% perfect, but it’s leagues better than before.

-Localized ambient sounds (computer fans, helicopter, etc.) were not disabling when turning off Ambient Sounds from the Options panel in the Main Menu.

-Indicator shows the difficult of the mission you’re currently in.

-Skill Tree lag spike fixed when swapping between characters. Now it’ll only lag for a moment as the game loads all skills and creates icons. Afterwards, it now only needs to adjust the values.

-The Pilot no longer contorts like a minion from hell when you walk to the helipad. This is still in testing, as the fix may slow the game down.

-New ragdoll test to see if we can fix jitteriness on characters, especially V.R. Training Buddies as they float away.

-Held weapons and swords no longer jitter, but shift around smoothly in your hands. This has been an issue since before the Kickstarter, and it’s finally FIXED FOREVER.

-Without any real additional strain on the engine, your character will actually pull triggers with his finger when firing a ranged weapon. It’s a tiny little detail, but we thought we’d throw it on in for testing.

-Spent 9/14 and 9/15 trying to repair FMOD, the audio software we use. On the creation end, FMOD is a great tool for creating looping audio events with alterable parameters in order to create dynamic music tracks. On the integration side, it is a piece of garbage software that integrates into Unity like Trump wants to integrate immigrants into this country. Which is to say, not at all. Nevertheless, it was either fix this horriffic trash-program myself, or code an entirely new auido engine from scratch. Or just have no sound in the game.

-Casings and Magazines now match the velocity of the gun they’re firing from once discharged. It’s a little detail, but it was painfully obvious that something was off.

-MP5 now randomly spawns with a few different core barrels and buttstocks by default, rather than having one fixed weapon type and a random chance of spawning with other parts.

-VSync can now be turned on/off independently of the game’s quality. The same goes for Camera Grain, Bloom, and Low Health Effects. Additional Anti-Aliasing option also added for mega rigs to get the best possible quality.

-Improved the sidestepping and goofy dashing animations.

-Character hit contact has been streamlined and should run noticeably faster when characters get hit multiple times in one frame, such as with the Shotgun.

-The Nexus has unleashed its G03LM units in Arena Mode. Good luck taking their Facility now!

-Weapons in the “Heavy” category, such as the M249, now suffer from slower aiming. Turning around while using them is difficult, and eventually we will have them weigh you down just like armor would. Don’t be surprised to find out that the new Minigun is useless if your enemies are coming for you from behind.

-Characters have voices! We’re testing this out alongside the Chatter System, which currently displays cartoon text over a character’s head to give them more personality. We want to test it out and see if chatter AND voices at the same time is offputting or not, since they’re not usually saying the same thing or firing off at the same time.

-UI updates for new Missions and Objectives in a stage.

-Zeds have different combat rules now. Firstly, they automatically stun from melee and unarmed attacks, making one or two Zeds more manageable. Also, any attack that would normally dizzy them will instead put them straight into ragdoll. However, once they have you surrounded, you’re still just as dead as you were before. So, you know. Avoid that.

-Pressing ESC while reloading would finish the reload instantly.

-Weapons on the backs of larger units were scaling up incorrectly.

-When you die in Arena Mode, you’ll restart in the Medical Room rather than the central Hub.

-New weapons! Urinal, Bleeder swords, Minigun, and more!

-New armor! Anywhere from pompodour hairdos to a zany japanese mask and assassin garb. See if YOU can find all the new items.

-The blood spray system wasn’t doing the on/off bloody pulse we hoped would happen on a critical or slashing wepon kill. Characters were shooting fountains of blood everywhere, but not in the way we wanted. That’s been tweaked to go with our original concept.

-Adjustments to the way weapons are set up in Unity caused melee weapons to throw oddly. That’s been sorted out.

-Revamped the way IK (Inverse Kinematics) is calculated. Should be a lot punchier, and make things like reloading a little more streamlined. Spinning or moving while reloading will rarely fail the way it used to.

-Parry/Counter wasn’t working after a controls update. Now it is.

-Armor has been tweaked with a new system. All damage taken by your character sorts through your appropriate head/body armor and gets reduced one piece at a time. However, armor has a maximum amount of damage it can reduce any particular hit by. This means a vest with 10 protection will reduce any attack by 10 damage…but if it’s got a threshold of 75%, it can only take the damage down by 75% of its value. A 20 damage shot would go down to 10, but a 10 damage shot could only be lowered to 2.5 damage before the armor loses its ability to stop damage. Balancing armor with great protection and great thresholds is now a tactical decision for you to make.

v1.05a – Updated Monday, 11/28/2016

-Some armor gives you bonus magazines. It’s a bit large of a bonus right now, but we’re playing with it to get it right.

-The HQ features a new Camera Zone system that lets gives us more control over the game view. See if you can find them all.

-Tweaked prices to account for Heavy weapons being slower to use.

-Ammo was overflowing, so we scaled it back. Also, Ranged Core skills will no longer get you spare magazines on Heavy weapons unless that weapon only has a couple shots, such as the m79.

-Small item fixes, such as the grip points on the new Bleeder swords.

-Heads are now better resolution, making them smoother and rounder than they were before. This caused some older head gear to not fit right with the new model, so we’ve started tweaking the ones we can find that didn’t look right.

-Reloading while going through doors was screwed up, but we should be back in business.

-Menu avatar was holding his gun sidewise sometimes when he shouldn’t be.

-Characters killed by hazards were messing up the game. That’s fixed, though.

-Total Kills were listing as 0 at the end of Arena missions.

v1.05b & c – Updated Saturday, 12/3/2016

-Murder Room 4 has bumpers to keep you from randomly walking off the elevator, and a kill zone beneath if you should fall through.

-New SFX for the Firebug wepon, improved visuals, and so on.

-Chainsaw has unique usage sounds.

-G03LM units were shooting through your Tac-Bar. This should only have applied to their Melee or Unarmed attacks.

Remember, if you’ve run across any bugs or would like to give us your thoughts on the latest build, visit the Project Nexus 2 Forums and join up to share your exploits!