Madness: Project Nexus 2
Alpha v1.04 Patch Notes

Got another big one for you guys today! Here’s what’s new in Arena Mode today:

v1.04 – Updated Thursday, 9/8/2016

-Linux Build SHOULD be available now! Feel free to test at your leisure.

-Thrown Weapons broke your inventory and the Quartermaster’s stock as well. Various other fixes also severed the connection between ranged weapons and their ammo, so that has been cleaned up as well. This was part of a secret update that already went out. (Shhhhh!)

-Toying with cloth physics on some costume pieces, for testing.

-The Inventory/Skills/Profile menu buttons got a much-needed makeover.

-Squadmates can now be commanded properly by holding CTRL, and left clicking to send them to a location/enemy/ally/objective/weapon, OR middle clicking to have them hold a location. Right clicking will select a single ally from your team. Hold Left Shift to stack orders, or add/remove guys from your selection.

-Unique sounds for the baseball bat weapon!

-Five new melee weapons: Block-Axe, Scimitar, Sickle, Wooden Bat, and Battleaxe!

-Skill can now be sorted by tree, and Items can now be sorted by type.

-A few more death animations to spice up your life (I mean death).

-Melee targeting got a much-needed update. Target-finding works more efficiently all around throughout the game as well.

-Small stutter on melee swings due to Unity 4 limitations. Happened when trying to attack after a single swing had just finished, while transitioning back into your base state.

-Graphics overhaul in the HQ, and a few other stages.

-Squadmate Hiring + Firing is in its testing phase. You can also add/remove memebers within your Squad, and when they die in a mission, you can wait for them to recover OR opt to pay for their speedy recovery.

-Squadmate leveling is enabled temporarily. Eventually they’ll auto-level themselves, but for now, feel free to spend their XP on leveling them the way you desire.

-Lighting tweaks. Point lights stop bleeding through surfaces.

-Less lag in the Skills menu. Better speed all around when clicking around in your Inventory too.

-Unarmed finishers were giving Melee XP at Core 2 level. Thanks to the discord team for helping us narrow down this one!

-Pilot and Quartermaster call you by your first name, or a shortened version of your name if it’s too long and only one word.

-Moved Delete Character button further from Select because it was 2spooky where it was.

-Press K. Go on, do it.

Remember, if you’ve run across any bugs or would like to give us your thoughts on the latest build, visit the Project Nexus 2 Forums and join up to share your exploits!