Madness: Project Nexus 2
Alpha v1.03 & v1.03a Patch Notes

We’ve introduced a few new features and destroyed some annoying bugs. Check out some of them here!

v1.03 – Updated Wednesday, 8/10/2016

-Throwing Weapons are in! The Acrobatics tree just got deadlier, and some changes were made to some of the Shuriken skills. We’ve got five awesome throwing weapons for you to dabble with. Training up your Acrobatics skills should no longer be as difficult!

-Shields are in! Expect unique shield attacks to appear soon. For right now, a shield bash attack will replace your pommel strike and pistol whip specials. Shields can be used to block attacks without an appropriate skill (like with Melee and Unarmed) and can even stop bullets, while wearing them on your back provides armor against rear attacks.

-Added a third Murder Room stage. It’s pretty high tier, so good luck. Oh…and watch that last step.

-Reworded Tac-Dash skill.

-Edged Timing skill wasn’t working properly.

-Streamlined blood and gore for quicker and more efficient generation and management.

-The second swing in a single attack (such as while dual wielding) no longer cancels your combo on a miss.

-Holding Q and pressing an attack button no longer drops your weapon if you lack the Throwing skill.

-Blood pools were not properly shrinking when set to despawn.

-Audio was leaking memory, making the game lag on long playthroughs. This is the first attempt at a fix.

-Fog no longer affects highlighted weapons.

-Nexus Units now super tactical. Because their behavior makes them more difficult in general, we’ve also made their waves a little easier in the Facility.

-Melee weapons now have a Defense stat. Some weapons will be generally better at blocking. This feature is being balanced currently, so not all weapons will benefit from the change just yet.

-Bullets and projectiles create sound when they impact a surface.

-A little cleanup in the Character Creation menu to make the scene look prettier.

-Characters can now be deleted. SEE YA SUCKA.

-Restarting a failed mission would sometimes drastically screw up. This should be fixed.

v1.03a – Updated Saturday, 8/13/2016

-Red V.R. enemies float away with weapons stuck in them, but the weapons weren’t dropping down when they vanish.

-Fixed bug that made Core 3 of a skill tree available before purchasing Core 2. Also, Acrobatics 3 required you to have Acrobatics 3 to purchase. Whoops :X

-Light Riot Shield wasn’t showing a ghosted sample on your character when clicking its icon in the inventory.

-Dodging-type enemies, such as Engineers, will now only dodge when being aimed at.

-Shurikens were causing problems in the Quartermaster, and in your inventory if you owned them. From now on, broken items will simply be removed for you. This will work from now on with all future items.

-Weapon and Armor cost tweaks, such as factoring in the item’s Encumbrance or a Melee weapon’s defense.

-Anti-Aliasing on conversation text and name popups wasn’t right. It’s been revised.

Remember, if you’ve run across any bugs or would like to give us your thoughts on the latest build, visit the Project Nexus 2 Forums and join up to share your exploits!