Madness: Project Nexus 2
The Alpha Release!

Maybe you’ve heard the news: we did a soft release for the Project Nexus 2 Alpha!

We haven’t made a huge deal about it yet (until now!) because we wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly with the release. A lot of factors go into creating content, testing content, formatting content for upload, establishing your pipeline for Steam, and then finally uploading the game. It’s our first time dealing with this, and we used this release as an opportunity to sit down and really learn how.

Now we’re past the bumps and we have a streamlined system for patching the Alpha weekly or sooner!



To all you Kickstarter and Paypal backers who have not received your keys…

 …we have a few suggestions. Firstly, if the email associated with your Kickstarter/Paypal is a gmail account, I recommend visiting the “Promotions” tab of your client for your email. Nine times out of ten that’s where you’ll find it. To everyone else, email us at and we’ll give you your keys directly.


To all new supporters who want to get in on the action…

…visit the Preorder section of the site to buy into the Alpha. Currently [Pack B] is the only option that will give you immediate access to the game, but we are thrilled to receive your support even if you opt for a cheaper option that gives you access later on. Someday Krinkels and I dream of eating lobster again, but for the time being, your help puts ramen noodles on our tables and keeps us from having to work side jobs to support ourselves while we work on M:PN2.


Oh, and with the finishing touches on the site blog system now complete, expect to be the main source for all game news henceforth.



Have a great week, and thanks for helping us make M:PN2 a better game!