Madness: Project Nexus 2
Alpha v1.02 & v1.02.a Patch Notes

Here’s the rundown of the fixes/changes that we’ve found since last time!

v1.02 – Updated Tuesday, 7/5/2016

-A variable tracking if you’d just melee attacked was not working as intended. Counters and other actions that require this information were not working properly. This has been fixed.

-You can now cancel out of a hand-to-hand attack to execute an enemy so long as you haven’t swung your weapon yet.

-Fixes to the collider that contains the character so that you can now enter event areas when in ragdoll. Ex: Zombies falling off a roof in Outbreak would not die when they entered the kill zone on the street.

-Zombies are much, much easier to kill. They’re still as dangerous as before, though.

-Gibs weren’t counted as debris, which could lead to major slowdowns.

-Bodies now disappear into the ground properly when despawning.

-Pistol Whip and Pommel Strike were based on the the weapon’s size, not the users unarmed ranged like they should.

-Dodge-cancelling your melee attacks has been improved. If you have a Tac-Bar it will still cost a little bit to do, but you can still do it even if you have no Tac-Bar remaining (or at all).

-Landing from a fall has had its sounds tweaked.

-New Tier-1 Stage: The Murder Room

-Terrain hazards have been introduced. Beware the whirling fanblades of death!

-An NPC’s favored weapons were limited to Ranged, but now may include Melee.

-New menu sounds. Bleep bloop.

-Corpus loss now has an ambient track that plays along with it. Your final Corpus block has its own unique alarm to remind you that you’re pretty much a dead man walking.

v1.02.a – Updated Thursday, 7/14/2016

-Linux support! This is still an early test.

-Equipping a melee weapon while dual-wielding firearms would create a strange weapon-duping bug. This should be resolved.

-Ammo would refill when dropping an item from your inventory. You can still regenerate ammo by dropping an item in your pack, but dropping an equipped item will no longer do this. This was mostly only a problem if done while in combat.

-M79 explosions did not count toward any skill category for XP purposes. For now explosions will be a Ranged skill, but eventually the game will have to determine if the explosion came from a grenade or other source.

-Killing everyone without using a skill (such as via Terrain Hazards) was bugged. Now you’ll default to a random skill if you didn’t use any.

-Kills will bump your health regeneration clock. Trauma drains more quickly the more you kill, though getting hit again will reset it.

-Throwing a weapon close to yourself will no longer send it flying into the air.

-VR dummies leaving blood on floor. Not anymore.

-Tweaked how enemies will sprint after you. They’ll walk toward you to close with you in combat, but not if you’re trying to evade them.

-New skill: Improved Disarm. Steal weapons from stunned or dizzied opponents!

-Fixed Disarm Skill. Enemy didn’t drop the weapon you were taking, which resulted in terrible errors. Corrections also made to the description of the skill’s usage.

-Can no longer be grappled while dodging, so long as you have any Acrobatics.

-Massive improvements to particles, especially in the Apartments. Framerate should vastly improve in that stage.

-Changes to NPC decision to melee attack, and reduction to how often they’ll continue a melee combo.

-Improved Tac regeneration. It’s now a percentage of your whole gained back, not the same amount regardless of level. This means late game characters will gain back more Tac-Bar for kills, etc.

-Combos also regenerate Tac-Bar faster than before.

-Murder Room has new music!

-New Murder Room 2 Stage!

-Murder Room spinning blades hazard does more streamlined damage to dead guys caught in its blades.

-More gore on a critical hit kill to indicate that you did a good, good job. Other indicators added to help indicate a crit has taken place.

-Blood fountains on crits and some kills!

-Longer rifles had trouble finding the proper range for you to rifle butt an enemy.

-Brought sweet spots closer for all guns.

-Follow Through and Carry Over skills sometimes targetted the same opponent you were attacking.

-Power/Mega Finish kill effects happening regardless of skill.

-Critical Hits weren’t registering on finishers.

-Couldn’t swap weapons in Cover.

-Audio tweaks, mostly having to do with distance between sound source and the “ears” of the camera.

Remember, if you’ve run across any bugs or would like to give us your thoughts on the latest build, visit the Project Nexus 2 Forums and join up to share your exploits!