The second episode of the Project Nexus 2 podcast is out now!

If you're aching for news on features, content, and the hopes we have for this project, then sit back and let us tell you what's up. Both Krinkels and Swain lay it all on the line for your enjoyment.

Special thanks to SeanCGlover for putting the whole thing together and enduring our drunken idiocy, Methlodis for putting together a great team, and Walrus for being a smooth operator and host.

Click here to check out the podcast!


Welcome to the *new* Madness: Project Nexus 2 website. Now with 100% more web friendliness!

To the left, you'll see an image of the website you're currently looking at.

No one is quite sure why someone would do something like this. What's the point of it? You could just look around you, and you'd see the same thing being demonstrated.

Along with the new look, a new Paypal section is now available! Users will also find accessing game resources and information much easier with the new interface.

Long live the Madness!